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Interested in booking a video about your life?

Not many of us have made a documentary before, or worked with a professional videographer.  So it’s completely natural to feel unsure about what exactly happens when you book a life story video. So here’s what to expect, step by step: 1. Firstly, a phone consultation  Before anything else happens, we arrange a time to speak on the phone. This gives you the chance to get to know me, and offers me some insight into what makes your life story special. 2. Time to think about the structure of the documentary I will send you a list of topics that you might want to discuss on film so that you can start gathering your thoughts. For example, these could include your memories of your grandparents and childhood holidays. Feel free to tweak the questions yourself: there may be some things you would rather not bring up, and others that you feel are important to include as they help explain your life. 3. Find photos, certificates and other records  I know it can be time-consuming to look for these so I give you plenty of advance warning. Most people I have filmed tell me they find it very satisfying to unearth their forgotten photographs and rummage through their old scrapbooks. And from my point of view, you can never have too many pictures! 4. Pre-filming visit at your home  The day before filming, I arrange to meet you at your home. We spend some time going through your topic list, fine-tuning it and talking about the pictures you have picked out. I need to have copies of your photos so that they can be used during the film. If you choose, I can photograph these in your home, but for the best quality images for the documentary, I prefer to take them away and scan them in my studio. The photos are safely returned to you later. 5. Filming day   I will film you sitting in a comfortable chair, and ask you questions throughout so we cover all your topics. But in the finished DVD, my words are edited out so that yours is the only voice heard. Don’t worry, it’s completely natural to feel nervous at the sight of a video camera, especially if you’ve never been filmed before. But I find that people relax into it quickly. And if nerves get the better of you and the first take isn’t quite right, it’s fine to have another try. Later we can take a walk around your neighbourhood. This gives you a chance to talk about the places that are most important to you. Of course, life is not all a bed of roses. And while filming, we may touch on upsetting experiences, but I try to make sure that we don’t dwell on them. I want this day to be a positive and happy celebration of your life so far.