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Who suits a video about their life? Quite simply, anyone who is happy to tell me their stories, and doesn’t mind the presence of a video camera. It particularly suits people who have struggled to write their memoirs. Why people book me:  Sometimes I’m booked to celebrate a landmark birthday or wedding anniversary. But often it’s just because people want to share their story on film. Additional services: I offer the opportunity to work with a genealogist if you would like help in tracing your family tree. The finished product: You will receive a special presentation box containing one, two or three DVDs, depending on the length of filming time. I can arrange a digital copy too if required.
Or have you thought of asking your parents or grandparents to tell their memories and stories, and record them as a special gift?  Imagine how wonderful it would be to conserve those memories forever as a reminder of the life you have lived – a journey from childhood to the present day. A film of your life story is a chance to tell loved ones about events that shaped you, and throw a magnifying glass over your memories. But it’s also a unique experience all on its own, offering the opportunity to rediscover lost treasures, reminisce and relive happy memories.  And this is a gift for the next generations too!
What I do:  I work with people who would like a record of their lives, but would rather not put pen to paper. As a professional documentary-maker, I record people’s life stories on a video camera in the comfort of their own homes, and at locations that are important to you. Using my editing skills, I then turn the videos into a very personal film for you to keep. Who I work with: Most people I film are aged from their mid 60s to their 90s, but of course it’s never too early to record a video about your life. I’ve also made films about someone who’s died, by interviewing several family members about their memories of their relative and using photographs and even old cine footage. 
Valerie Smith

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